Welcome! I'm Nicole. I'm a Wedding and Family photographer based in Los Lunas, New Mexico, serving the Albuquerque Metropolitan Area.

Photographs tell a story- of families, relationships, and special moments in time. I would know. My grandmother has been chasing me with a camera since the day that I was born. I guess that's where I come by my love of photography! Anyway, the walls in her home are covered with photos of her family, her grandparents, and their parents before them, as well as photos of my grandpa's family. Then there are the photo albums under the coffee table... She can tell you when, where, and who is in each photo. They are the stories of my life, my mother's life, my grandmother's life, and often those of her parents and grandparents. Whether they're everyday snapshots or formal photos, they're reminders of who we are, and where we come from. 

While my job is to provide my clients with amazing photos that they and their families will cherish for years to come, my goal is to help you through the process of working with a professional photographer as much as I can! Many times, the first time people hire a professional photographer is for their wedding, and it can be a confusing, stressful process. And, even if you're looking for a professional for maternity, newborn, family, or Senior portraits, it can still be stressful! In order to meet my goal, I work to educate people so that you know what questions to ask, what terms mean, and how to turn what can be a stressful experience into an amazing one! So, while it is important to me to record your stories, it's even more important to me that you have a great experience- no matter the photographer you choose!

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