The Adventure Begins...

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Tomorrow the boys and I leave on our first mini road trip of the summer. We’re headed down to Carlsbad Caverns, and a few other places along the way for an upcoming photo project. We’re going to be camping out while we’re down there, which is also exciting for the boys. I’ve been camping multiple times in my life, especially as a Girl Scout Trainer, teaching other Leaders how it’s done. I’ve also been to Carlsbad and the surrounding area before, although it has been a few years. 

The adventure is that I’m going to be the solo adult on this trip with two young boys (my parents have offered to keep Andrew for a few days for us), because Justin has a few work projects he can’t step away from right now. This, more than anything else, scares me. I’ve not done a whole lot of traveling on my own in my life, and now I’m taking my two older boys with me. There are two reasons I’m doing this: 1.) The things that make you nervous and scared are usually the ones worth doing, and 2.) I want my boys to grow up knowing the world is much bigger than our small town. Oh, and that photo project I mentioned. That’s another great reason.  

Well, the car is almost packed and the grocery shopping is done. We leave tomorrow morning for three days of adventure, exploring, and photography. Stay tuned to see how it all goes!