Mr. Cash's Promotion to Sergeant- Belen, NM National Guard Armory

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I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Nicholas Cash since we were Freshmen in High School, and I have watched as he served six years of active duty in the U.S. Navy after we graduated high school. He has been stationed in Norfolk, Virginia, as well as Yokosuka, Japan and was able to travel the world with the Navy. After he was honorably discharged several years ago, he and his wife and kids settled back here in Los Lunas to attend college and begin their civilian lives. But the call of country and service were always in the back of Nick’s mind.

So, after several years of civilian life, Nick decided to return to the service by joining the New Mexico Army National Guard. Of course, his service with the Navy was honored and he was able to retain his rank after completing boot camp and training for his new job in the Army. But recently, he was selected for promotion to Sergeant in his MP unit in Belen, with a transfer to an Albuquerque unit, where he will continue to serve as a communications specialist.

I could not be prouder to call this man my friend. He has served our country through the military service for nearly ten years, laying his life on the line and taking time away from his family to defend our way of life. I am also proud to call his wife- Dorinda, who is also a strong, smart, and kind individual- my friend. Thank you both for all you’ve given up to give the rest of us peace and freedom!