Angela and Karen Ruiz- an ABQ Party Space Wedding!!

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I sincerely wish that I could figure out how to clone clients like Angela and Karen Ruiz! These women were absolutely fabulous to work with!

Angela and Karen actually connected over Facebook several years ago, and after taking the time to get to know one another through Facebook Messenger, emails, and phone calls, they knew they had to meet in person! So, Karen made plans to come visit Angela here in Albuquerque from her home in SoCal. Personally, I think these two knew in their hearts that it was love at first sight, but secretly didn’t want to admit it. That first trip was a wonderful time for the both of them! Over the course of the next year, Karen flew to Albuquerque to visit Angela and her daughters a few more times before deciding to relocate here permanently, with her mom and her mom’s partner.

These two knew from the beginning that they wanted to have a strong, reliable relationship, so once they made the commitment to a long-lasting future together, they began to lay the groundwork for a successful marriage and life- defining rules for spending, arguments, who is responsible for what, and so on. I’m telling y’all, these two are an inspiration for a happy, healthy marriage!

When Karen finally did propose, on one of those aforementioned trips to Albuquerque, she did so in a very meaningful, special way for Angela. Angela is a teacher at one of the APS schools, so Karen contacted her school’s principal and asked for her assistance in proposing to Angela. Karen also arranged for Angela’s best friends to be present to witness the proposal. On the day of the proposal, Karen arrived, having flown secretly from SoCal to Albuquerque, at Angela’s school where her principal called her to the office for a meeting. Little did Angela know she would be greeted by her best friends, and Karen down on one knee! Of course she was happily surprised and readily said yes!

Their wedding was a beautiful affair, straight out of the 90’s music scene! Their colors were black and gold, and were incorporated in everything from the invitations to the table settings! And, even more meaningful, the color gold- which Angela and Karen both wore- is a color of good fortune and new beginnings in Karen’s Philoppino culture and traditions.

My favorite part of their whole day- and the only time I’ve seen this!- was when Karen’s whole family sang a special song to both Karen and Angela, welcoming Angela and her girls to the family and wishing them all a long and happy future together! I was later told that this has become something of a family tradition for them, and as silly as it can be, it really does mean a great deal to them all!

I want to wish Angela and Karen and their daughters the best in their future, and I definitely look forward to seeing them again! I also want to thank the following vendors for all of their hard work on this awesome wedding:

Venue: ABQ PartySpace

Caterer: Rudy’s BBQ

Cake Designer: Q’s Cakes