My Top Five Favorite Books/Series

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I’ve done a couple of blog posts about my reading goals, and books that I’ve read (those can be found here, and here, and here) , but I realized that I’ve never done a post about my favorite books. The problem with this is that asking me to pick a favorite book is like asking me to pick a favorite child; they’re all my favorites, but for very different reasons. So, here are my top five favorite books/series:

1.) J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series- this is the first series of books that I read that I’ve found myself reading again and again. Even as an adult, I’ve re-read these books. Thank goodness that you can now get digital copies, or my poor hardbacks would probably be worn out by now. I love the friendships between Harry, Ron, and Hermione, the idea that even the most insignificant of people can make a HUGE difference, and that ultimately, good triumphs over evil. I whole-heartedly believe that you will still find me re-reading these books when I’m 70. 

2.) Cassandra Clare’s The Mortal Instruments series- I picked this series up on the recommendation of a good friend, and found myself sucked into a world where things aren’t always black and white, right or wrong, or good or evil. I love that this coming-of-age story forces the characters to face the world around them, and to learn to make their own choices, rather than those they’re expected to make. 

3.) Dan Brown’s Robert Langdon series- Brown has written a set of books that I believe he did not intentionally intend to make into a series, but when you create a character as charismatic as Robert Langdon, it’s hard to let him go. Smart, witty, humble, and hard working, Robert Langdon stars in Angels and Demons, The Da Vinci Code, The Lost Symbol, and Inferno (on my to-be-read list). These books appeal to both the artist in me (because of all the beautiful artwork referenced), and the history nerd in me (because of all the history covered in them). They challenge me to think about things in a more abstract manner than I usually do. 

4.) James McBride’s The Color of Water- This book isn’t so much a favorite, as it is a book that has left a lasting and indelible impression upon me. I first read it when I was 12 or 13, but I remember coming to the realization that not everyone had the same opportunities that I was provided with; that other people had to fight tooth and tonail to get to my starting point before they could even dream of the things that I was. It helped to change the way that I viewed the world, and is a constant reminder of the privileges that I am afforded, and not to waste the opportunities I have.

5.) Alice Ozma’s The Reading Promise- I read this gem earlier this year, and (when I have time) I find myself thinking back on it. In this book, Alice shares her memories of growing up in a house surrounded by books, with a father who loved them deeply. It struck a chord with me, because of how deeply I love my books and reading in general. I hope to ingrain the same love into my boys. 

So, as y’all can see, I read a VERY diverse assortment of books. And, these are just SOME of my favorites! I’m always looking for new suggestions, even though my Kindle wishlist is at almost 200 books, so leave yours below. Oh, and Kindle gift cards are a definite bonus... Happy reading y’all!