Photo Courtesy of Kayla Kitts Photography

Photo Courtesy of Kayla Kitts Photography

Hey! Welcome to my online home! Please, grab your favorite hot beverage (mine's herbal tea), and feel free to make yourself at home here as well.  

My husband- Justin- and I have one of those sappy love stories. We met in middle school, and although we didn't fall in love at first sight (we were only 12!), we did become friends. We stayed that way all the way through High School (nope, not High School Sweethearts, either), graduating together. I left for college, and Justin spent several years caring for his grandfather, who suffered from Alzheimer's Disease. He sent me a random email one day, about three years after graduation, and asked that if I were coming home anytime soon (I'd moved to Durango, Colorado to go to college), that I please let him know. We made arrangements to meet shortly after that email, and we've been inseparable ever since.

Justin and I have three boys together. Christopher is eight years old, Joshua is five years old, and Andrew is 22 months old. Boy do they keep me busy! I wouldn't have it any other way though. I love that all of my boys got my love of reading. We can spend hours on end reading anything and everything. Christopher's current favorite is the Harry Potter series. Josh's favorite thing to read about is animals. My current favorite is Around the World in Eighty Days by Jules Vern. When not reading, we spend a lot of time outside, playing in the sandbox and working on the yard. 

To be truthful, photography saved me. After I delivered Joshua, I was hit really bad with Postpartum Depression. I had a really challenging recovery from his delivery, and in an attempt to bring some balance back to my life, I purchased my first DSLR. I’d really enjoyed photography as a child and teen, and wanted to learn more. I figured I could at least take some nice photos of my kids. Before I knew it, God had given me a business that pulled me out of myself and helped me to rejoin the world.

My greatest pleasure is creating albums for my clients of your favorite images. Albums that will be treasured throughout the years to come. My wedding album is one of my all-time favorite things, and I want my you guys to have that as well. Creating galleries for your home is definitely a close second, after all, they're albums for your walls!

One of my goals is to make my clients feel as if you guys have become my friends. I want you to know me and my family, and that if you ever do actually come over to our house, you'll walk on in without knocking (it's okay- friends don't knock), kick your shoes off in the pile next to the front door, and raid the fridge. It's what we've trained our family and friends to do- and I want you to feel as if you can do the same.

While I haven't won any awards or gained any recognition for my work, I'm okay with that. If I'd started this business to win awards or to become famous, I wouldn't have the time to love on my clients-turned-friends the way that I get to. I wouldn't have time to hand-design albums or wall galleries. I wouldn't have time to send birthday cards, or to make Christmas presents. I wouldn't have time to stop and chat with you in the grocery store. So, if you're ready for a new friend who creates amazing photos, I'm ready for a new friend as well.