What I Carry in My Emergency Supply Bag- Los Lunas, NM Photographer

What I Carry in My Emergency Supply Bag- Los Lunas, NM Photographer

Weddings are wonderful, happy, exciting times, but because of this, things tend to happen. Oftentimes, if a couple doesn't have a wedding planner or coordinator, I end up functioning as both the photographer, and the coordinator. That means that a lot of the small issues that arise throughout the day fall to me to take care of. Because of this, I carry an emergency supply bag that is full of all sorts of items wedding parties tend to need, but often forget the day of the wedding. Here's what's in my bag:

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Styled Shootout with Alicia Lucia Photography

I had the opportunity to participate in a styled shoot that was sponsored by Alicia Lucia Photography this year, and boy did I learn a lot!

It was my first time working with professional models, make-up artists, set designers, and so on, but it was an awesome experience. 

One of the most important things that I learned was how to be more direct in posing people. Our beautiful models were able to hold poses that most of us would never see outside a fashion magazine, but the way in which I saw them being directed will be useful in my regular sessions.  

This opportunity was also important to me because I was able to meet a few other area photographers. As in any industry, it's good to know the people you're sharing it with.  

It was an awesome day, spent capturing beautiful photos for my portfolio, and meeting new people.