American Cancer Society's Relay for Life- Albuquerque, New Mexico

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Attend an American Cancer Society event. I challenge you to do so. Because if you do, you will learn what an incredible event and community that the people who regularly participate in these events have formed. These events are both emotional and physical. They are sad and exciting. They are fun and serious. And all that goes on at these events comes together cohesively.

I got involved with photographing American Cancer Society events in 2015, and have photographed at least one event- if not two!- a year since then, and each time it changes my life. It is incredible to see Survivors of cancer, Caregivers, and other supporters come together to raise money to support cancer research and treatment. I stay involved because I know too many people who have fought cancer, and I have seen the struggles that they have gone through on a daily basis through treatment. I have felt the loss of a loved one because of cancer. I have watched caregivers give selflessly to their loved ones who are going through treatment. I have seen the faith of those who are battling cancer, knowing that there are no guarantees that they will win their battle. And, I want to do what I can to support the American Cancer Society’s mission of finding a cure and in the meantime doing everything it can to support those in treatment and those caring for those in treatment.

So, I challenge you to attend an event. Form a team. Raise money. Because I can almost guarantee you that you also know someone who has battled, or is battling cancer.