Easy Posing Tips and Tricks for the Everyday Person

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In the art of photography, photographers are responsible for taking three-dimensional (3D) objects and creating a two-dimensional (2D) piece of art that can be framed and hung on a wall. In theory this sounds quite simple: you get everyone posed, and you click the shutter button on the camera. But, in reality, it isn’t so simple. There are some things you can learn to do to help your photographer out, though! Here they are:

  • Keep your spine straight. No matter if you’re sitting, standing, crouching, or laying down, keep your spine straight.

  • Keep your hips and bottom tucked under your spine (i.e. don’t stick your butt out). Because of perspective, this can sometimes have an unwanted effect.

  • Remember to keep your hands soft. Don’t over extend your fingers or clench your fists. A nice, relaxed, natural position is best.

  • Along with keeping your hands soft, keep your jaw relaxed. Clenching your jaw, or forcing a wide smile makes a person look like they’re stressed or anxious.

  • Think happy, pleasant thoughts, even if you aren’t smiling. There is a certain glow that radiates from people when they’re thinking happy thoughts, and that glow shows up in photos.

These things can go a really long way in helping with posing! It may not seem like a lot, but when my clients remember to do these things, it really does make my job a whole lot simpler. It also frees up some of my brain power to concentrate on other aspects of posing and lighting to help create the best possible photos for you!