VHS Basketball

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Of all the sports that are routinely played in American high schools, basketball is the one I happen to know the most about. And, because of this, I was able to fully appreciate watching our VHS basketball teams play last Saturday against LLHS!

Last Saturday was the last set of ‘home’ games for our girls and boys basketball teams before the district play-offs began. Both the girls and boys teams have had rough seasons- losing most of their games. But, as we all know, winning isn’t everything. I’m happy to report that these young men and women- from both schools!- demonstrated great sportsmanship! All of our Cats (Tigers and Jaguars!) played with heart as well as skill and talent. They accepted fouls, encouraged free throws, and helped each other up when knocked down.

Our Tigers and Jaguars even showed an incredible amount of respect and kindness when they supported one of our smallest Jaguars in making a few baskets that were challenging for him.

I know I should be used to it by now, but- and I hope I don’t ever get used to it!- this town never fails to surprise me with the amount of community support our students have and the awesome demonstration of great sportsmanship they are set! It may have been a mostly losing season, but I’ll take a losing season and great kids any day!