VHS Cross-Country

© Nicole Bradshaw Photography 2019; VHS Cross-Country; Los Lunas Senior Photographer, Belen Senior Photographer, Albuquerque Senior Photographer, Rio Rancho Senior Photographer, Los Lunas High School, Valencia High School, Belen High School

From June through November of each year, there are a select group of kids that can be found running (literally, not figuratively!) around town for miles on end. They often run through sand dunes, up hills, and ‘round and ‘round large structures to build their endurance. These kids are members of the Valencia and Los Lunas High School’s Cross-Country teams, and they purposely run through our desert for miles for FUN!

The main goal of Cross-Country is to run an extended distance (3.1 miles) as fast as possible. My friend Nick (you can read more about him and his family here, and here!) participated in cross-country when we were all in high school, and I often got talked into attending his races for ‘moral support’. Because of this, I’ve seen young men run an incredibly tough course up hills, through sand dunes, and over uneven terrain in just over 15 minutes. It is incredible to watch!

This generation of runners is no different. Each year, Los Lunas High School sponsors a cross-country meet, and I was able to attend and photograph these incredible athletes compete.

Ultimately, Los Lunas won the meet (Go Tigers!!), but Valencia competed with grace, sportsmanship, and true hard work, so in my personal opinion both teams won!