Fall Mini Sessions in Los Lunas, NM

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Each year, the Rio Grande River Valley begins to sparkle and shine with bright hues of red, orange, yellow, and even a little green mixed in. That’s how you know it’s October in New Mexico! And, each year around this time, I try to do family mini sessions for my clients. This year, however, I didn’t charge for my time and talent. Instead, I asked each family who signed up to bring in at least one cleaning supply to donate to our local children’s home, El Ranchito de Los Niños.

About a week before, I received word from my local business community that a local church had been doing a cleaning supply drive for the home, but that the van in which they had stored everything had been broken into and the supplies stolen. Can you imagine?! Stealing from children who are in an orphanage? What makes this situation even tougher is that the home does not receive state or federal funding- it’s entirely run on fundraising and donations from the local community. I’ve never been one to not do something if I can help it, so my Fall Mini Sessions turned into a donations drive for this home. 

While I only had one family actually show up, I did receive many, many donations from others who either didn’t want to have their photos taken, or didn’t have time to have their photos taken. I want to say a personal thank-you to each and every one who donated an item! You guys rock! And, it truly was a blessing to see the appreciation of the workers at the home when Christopher and I stopped by to drop off the cleaning supplies. They were a bit shocked to learn that people had heard about the break-in and theft and were doing something so that they didn’t have to scrape by. And, personally, I think it was a lesson in love and charity that really hit home for Christopher- especially when I explained that the kiddos in the home were there because they had no where else to go.  

So, to my community, thank you for helping support one of the most fragile and helpless groups in our community. I know I appreciated your help, and I’m certain they did too! 

For more information on El Ranchito de Los Niños, please visit their website at: www.elranchitonm.org.