Los Poblanos Historic Inn and Organic Farm- An Albuquerque, New Mexico Wedding Venue

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Wedding photographers often have a secret list of places they’re DIEING to be asked to photograph weddings at. Today, I’m sharing one of the places on my list, in the hopes that, if I put it out there, someone will eventually ask me to photograph their wedding there. 

Los Poblanos Historic Inn and Organic Farm  is in the North valley of Albuquerque, New Mexico, and is perhaps one of the most historic places in all of New Mexico. Presently, it’s a bed and breakfast with a restaurant, organic farm, event center, and small farm shop- much like the B&B that Sookie and Loralei ran in Gilmore Girls (which is probably why I fell in love with this pace to begin with). This gorgeous place has tons of small and intimate spaces for ceremonies and receptions, as well as larger accommodations for larger weddings. I absolutely love their rose garden, and their fields of organic lavendar!

But, the more I learn about this little place’s contributions to New Mexico- and Albuquerque, specifically- History, the more and more I fall in love with it’s charm. The land was originall part of the Elena Gallegos land grant back in the early 1600s, as Spain worked to control the land. Much like England granted land to members of it’s nobility to come to America to manage the land and the citizens in the King’s name who had emigrated, Spain granted land to members of it’s nobility that it ordered to come here and govern in the King’s name. Of course, this all changed when Mexico gained independence from Spain, but people around here have a long memory, so the original names may change, but they’re not often forgotten. Generally speaking, the land grants encompassed several hundred to several thousand square miles, so most of present-day Albuquerque would have been part of this land.

Anyway, it has changed hands several times throughout the years, but it’s most notable owners were Albert and Ruth Simms, who became guardians of the estate in the 1930s. This wonderful couple took hold of the estate and transformed it into one of the most prolific Art, Architecture, and Education centers in the Southwest of it’s time. In fact, we can still see the result of their combined work throughout Albuquerque today! From Los Poblanos sprang the foundations for Creamland Dairy, Albuquerque Academy, Sandia Prep, Manzano Day School, and Albuquerque Academy.  

The thing that gets my attention the most is their commitment to preserving the history of the estate- the artwork, architecture, and general purpose of the place. Their mission- like mine- is to preserve the past and the present so that future generations can enjoy it. They work incredibly hard to achieve this goal, through preserving the buildings and artwork, and creating modern and fun events for their clients.  So, whether your reason for hosting your wedding at this lovely space is actually the gorgeous space itself, the gourmet food, or your appreciation for it’s history, please hire me to be your photographer!