What is a Bridal Portrait Session and Why is it Important?

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When it comes to weddings, no matter how much a couple plans or how organized they are, there are always some unknowns before the wedding.  

For a bride, questions like, ‘Will my dress fit?’ and, ‘Will my veil work with my hairstyle?’ are common worries. There is a solution, or at least an excuse to try everything out!

Enter the Bridal Portrait Session. This type of portrait session was a huge trend back in the 1980’s, and for some very good reasons. The whole focus of the session is to capture portraits of the bride, in her wedding finery, before the wedding. This is a great excuse to put on your wedding dress, have your hair and makeup done, and give your whole look a test run. Normally this session takes place about two weeks in advance of the wedding, so if there is anything you don’t like the appearance or feel of, there is time to make adjustments!

Additionally, learning to pose takes time, and a lot of practice. It seems simple enough in theory, but when you’re actually trying to do it, it feels very complicated. Having another portrait session with your photographer to bond and to practice with is always a great idea!  Plus, you get even more stunning photos from this season of life to remember it by.