Have You Considered a First Look Session?

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It used to be a tradition that brides would participate in a Bridal Session before the wedding. Many would use it as a trial run for their hair and make-up, and to make sure that their dress fit and generally, to see their whole look put together for the first time. Brides would then meet with their photographer to have their bridal portraits taken before the day, so that it was less hectic on the day of the wedding, and to have some special portraits of just her. But, this tradition seems to have fallen off. Today's brides just aren't interested in doing these sessions because they're so crunched for time, or because it just seems like a waste. 

What if, instead of doing a bridal portrait session, it was turned into a First Look session? You AND your fiancé would get dressed up, you would both get to make sure that your wardrobes work, and we would still take portraits. We would be able to capture more portraits of the two of you together in your wedding attire at a different location than that of your ceremony or reception, and it just might take some of the stress out of your actual wedding day, allowing you to relax even more and enjoy the day!

This is a breach of tradition- especially for those who want to observe the tradition of not seeing the bride dressed in her gown before the wedding. But, did you know that most of our modern wedding traditions were fostered by Queen Victoria nearly 2 centuries ago?! I say that this is your wedding, and should be done your way. If you want to capture the surprise of your groom seeing you all dressed up for the first time, we can make that happen during this session. If you want to do some fun Pinterest-inspired photos before the big reveal, they're even easier to arrange during a session like this. If you simply want to have more time on your wedding day with your guests, this is a great way to go.

In all reality, there is no downside to this type of session. If you want to participate in a session like this before your wedding, comment below and we can make it happen!