Books 25-36: A Book Review by a Photographic Bookworm

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The final set of reviews for 2017! I made it, with a few days to spare. Well, let’s get to it:

25.) Tangled Hearts: An LDS Novel (Kansas Connections Book 1 by Roseanne Wilkins- I originally downloaded book 2 in this series because I am LDS, and it was offered for free at some point. BUT, free- at least in this case- does not mean terrible. I purchased this book because I’m one of those crazy people who hate to start reading a series in the middle, and before I knew it, I was whole-heartedly sucked into this novel. It was fast paced, inherently sweet, and very true to form. 

26.) Hidden in the Heart: An LDS Novel (Kansas Connections Book 2 by Roseanne Wilkins- I happen to have been stuck in the back of my grandmother’s car on a road trip with not much to do except read, which is why I finished this book and it’s predecessor in succinct order. I was surprised to find that this novel did not have much of a connection to the first- only a brief mention of one of the characters from the first novel- but, it easily held it's own. This bittersweet follow up took a really hard topic, and showcased it in a very classy way.

27.) The Guardian by Beverly Lewis- I love reading anything this author publishes (for those who don’t know, Ms. Lewis is the daughter of C. S. Lewis of The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe fame). This Amish tale was set in the rural countryside of Southeastern Pennsylvania, and is a sweet reminder of our Heavenly Father’s love- despite, or perhaps in spite of, our attitudes toward Him.

28.) Child of the Mist by Kathleen Morgan- Ms. Morgan is another Christian author that I’ve come to love. This historical romance features a young woman mistaken for a witch, who is forced to wed a neighboring Lord by her father. Sometimes comical, sometimes nerve wracking, but always compassionate, this book is possibly a new favorite.

29.) Wings of Morning by Kathleen Morgan- I know. I have a thing for book series, but when I find something good, I like to read all of it! This book is the continuation of Child of the Mist, and is a wonderful follow-up to it's predecessor.

30.) A Fire Within by Kathleen Morgan- The finale of this particular series, and just as sweet, but perhaps a bit predictable. I will definitely re-read it if I re-visit this series, but it wasn’t as poignantly written as the other two.

31.) The Digital Photography Book, Part 2 by Scott Kelby- One thing I did learn in college was where to find resources for the things that I want or need to learn about. This book definitely helped me learn a few new things about photography lighting that I’ve since been using in my sessions.

32.) Go Set a Watchman by Harper Lee- This book is hard to describe. I’d read To Kill a Mocking Bird in grade school, but this novel touched my heart in a very different way than it did. I don’t know if the difference was my age, or my understanding, but I am glad I’ve read it.

33.) The Innocent by Bertrice Small- We all have our guilty pleasures, and this book is one of mine. Ms. Small is a romance novelist, and this novel does have parts that are ‘R’ rated, but that is not what makes this sweet tale one of my favorites. It is a love story set in Medieval England, and the lengths that the characters go to to return to one another is heartwarming.

34.) An Irish Country Christmas by Patrick Taylor- I couldn’t resist returning to the small Irish town of Balleybucklebo just before Christmas myself. Mr. Taylor did not disappoint in the hijinks the doctors get up to to provide one very hard working single mom with a nice Christmas.

35.) An Irish Country Girl by Patrick Taylor- This epistle takes us back to when Mrs. Maureen ‘Kinky’ Kincaid was a young woman, and helps to enlighten readers as to how Kinky knows things, and where she learned to cook like she does. It provides a sweet and loving insight into one of the souls who lives at No. 1 Main Street. 

36.) An Irish Country Courtship by Patrick Taylor- This episode will finish with you almost yelling, ‘It’s about damn time!’ by the time you finish it. I’ll leave you to decipher which of the doctors becomes engaged in this book, but I will share that they do get up to some new cons to help those who deserve it, and perhaps chastise those who need it. This is perhaps my favorite of the series so far.

Well, I made it! 36 books in 12 months. It was a fun challenge, and one that has me thinking about what I want to read this year! So, leave a comment below with YOUR favorite book! I need new suggestions.