Why I Support the American Cancer Society

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This year, I will be donating $10.00 per mini session to the American Cancer Society, specifically supporting the Los Lunas Area Relay for Life chapter. While I've been advertising this, I realized that I've never said why I support this organization so much; why I'm raising money for them, and why I've become the event photographer for our local chapter.

My reason is this: I simply know to many people who've been affected by cancer, and I believe that it is time to put an end to this horrible disease. The only way to end it is to find a cure, and the only way to find a cure is to do research, but research costs money, and so I raise money.

My paternal grandmother, Marjorie Gentry, passed away of breast cancer. Although I didn't know her- she died before I was born- she was still part of my family. And, because of current research, we now know that some types of breast cancer may be genetic, meaning that I may be at risk. I'd like to know there's a cure if I'm ever diagnosed.

My maternal grandmother has lost two sisters to cancer- one just last year. I don't remember her elder sister (my grandma was one of the youngest of her family), but I do remember her younger sister, and how she conquered the disease once, but when it came back she just didn't have the strength to fight it any longer.

I have had friends, both young and old, fight this disease and win. They've become survivors who let nothing hold them back from living life to the fullest. And, because they're survivors, they now look back and help those still struggling to win their battles.

Even though I haven't faced this terrible disease myself (and I hope I never have to), I have seen what it can do to my loved ones. And, that's why I work to raise money. So, help me out. Book a Spring Mini Session, and help me to raise money to support cancer research so that we can find a cure.