7 Reasons You Should Get Engagement Photos

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Engagement photos are often seen as one of those things that you can forego if you're trying to save money on your wedding, but there are several excellent reasons that you should go ahead and schedule this portrait session with your chosen photographer:

1.) By having an engagement session, you and your photographer (me!) have a chance to work together in a much more relaxed environment than what your wedding day will be. It will give you a chance to really get to know me, and vice versa. This way, when your wedding day arrives, it won't feel as if some strange person is following you around during some of your most intimate moments.

2.) During your engagement session, I can work with you on any insecurities you may have in relation to your appearance. It's a much slower paced session, so I can show you how to pose so that you look your best, explain what 'smizing' means, and provide tips to help keep us on track during your special day.

3.) You can use the photos as part of your save-the-dates and wedding invitations. Many people are working with graphic designers to use their engagement photos to come up with custom stationary for their weddings, and these photos are great to use in this manner. A bonus: not everyone in your extended family will have met your significant other, and these photos are a beautiful introduction for them!

4.) If you're planning to have a slideshow of photos at your wedding, these photos are the perfect inclusion! They will display the love you have for one another, and provide the most up-to-date depiction of the two of you.

5.) You can design a custom guest book using your engagement photos! Instead of going with a store-bought guest book, you can work with me to design a custom book for your friends and family to record their wishes for you.

6.) Often, these are the first formal portraits you've taken since your Senior portraits in High School! You've changed a great deal since then, and it's time for new photos to celebrate this new phase in your life!

7.) These really are the first photos of your new family, and the start of something new should be documented. Yes, your wedding day is when you officially become partners, but when you become engaged, you're making the choice to begin a new family and that's something pretty special.