10 Things Your Wedding Photographer Wishes You Knew

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There are things we wish we could all tell others about our jobs. But, when you work in a service-based industry, where you work with people who've hired you to do something for them that they can't do for themselves, it's even more prevalent. Following- and in no particular order- are the things I wish I could tell all of my clients, so that they can understand that they're not alone.

1.) No one knows how to pose, but that's okay because I can teach you! Part of my job is knowing exactly how to direct you to place your body to get the best possible photographs of you. I can- and do!- explain why I ask you to place your hands where I do, why I tell you to stand closer, even though you're already close enough to be socially acceptable, and even what to do to make your arms appear even thinner and eliminate that double chin you're convinced you have (but doesn't really exist). I want you to know that posing is something you can easily learn, and no one is a complete natural at it.

2.) I have the traditional formal photograph list memorized. Unless you're asking for photos that are not traditional, like you alone with your grandparents, please rest assured that I'm going to make sure that you have at least one (if not several) versions of each formal grouping.

3.) This may sound funny to some, but I want you to know that I'm on YOUR side. You and your fiancé (or new spouse) are the most important people to me on your special day. Aunt Jane may try to commandeer me into taking photos of your distant relatives, or Uncle Joe may be concerned that I haven't fully appreciated the buffet, but I can- and will (and have!)- respectfully excused myself from them to take care of you. 

4.) I'm just as nervous to meet you, as you are to meet me. I realize that you're nervous because you're meeting a new person, and you're wondering if your budget can afford me, or if I'm going to be the kind of person you're looking for. I'm nervous because I'm hoping that you'll like me enough to hire me, and to let me become part of your life- even for a little while. I'm nervous because meeting new people is also hard for me- it's a skill I'm still trying to master. I'm nervous that- once again- I'm going to be told that I'm too expensive, but you love my work.

5.) Similar to #3, I'm invested in YOU and YOUR story. People are important to me, and people come with stories. Even though your story may sound similar to someone else's, it's still YOURS, and that makes it just as important and worthy of telling. I invest in my clients in the hopes that they become new friends, and as my friends can share with you, I do my upmost to show them how special they are.

6.) I come prepared for minor emergencies of all sorts. I'm trained in first aide and CPR, as well as how to use an AED. I'm also knowledgable in how to stop runs in pantyhose, hiding safety pins, using a needle and thread, and so much more. I carry a bag for all of my clients' use with supplies to fix just about anything. If you'd like to know what's in it, please read this post.

7.) I'm a great resource while you're planning your wedding. I can help with other vendor recommendations, timeline planning, and so much more! Please, use me!

8.) I want to help you as much as you'll allow me to. I'll come to the rehearsal and help keep things organized. I'll give you suggestions on what to consider to achieve the best photos. I'll even help hold your dress so that it doesn't get dragged through the mud. If you need it, I'll do my best to help you in any way I can.

9.) I want you to be excited about your photos, and treasure them for generations to come. I do my very best for each of my clients, and while I understand that photography is art, and art is interpretive, it doesn't stop me from hoping that you'll love what I've created for you. And, if you aren't happy, I'll do my best to address your concerns. 

10.) I want to work with you again, and again, and again. I want to see you back for your 1 year anniversary, and for your maternity and newborn portraits, your annual portraits as your family grows, your children's Senior portraits, and hopefully, their weddings. I love the clients I have, and I want to invest in your lives, just as you've invested in my business and my life. So, please come back and see me.