What to Wear for Your Engagement Photos

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Your engagement photos are the first formal photos that you and your fiancé take as a couple. They say a lot about you as a couple- from the type of setting they're in to what you wear, they help people understand who you are and what you enjoy doing together. That being said, what to wear is a HUGE question, and to help you figure it out there are a few smaller questions to answer first.

1.) What do you enjoy doing together? Do you enjoy hiking in the mountains, or eating at fine dining restaurants? Movies on the couch? The answer to this question will help to determine WHERE we take your engagement photos, and that location will help you to figure out WHAT to wear.

2.) Most people have clothes that are appropriate for their favorite activities. If you enjoy hiking, you probably own a pair of hiking boots (or 3). High-end dining? You've probably got several fashionable dresses or suits on hand. Movies on the couch? Your favorite jeans and sweatshirt are probably close by. Depending on your location, you want to take your appropriate clothes, and go one step up in formality. For example: swap your hiking boots and quick-dry pants for a pair of jeans and nice pair of shoes with a sweater. Another example: swap your fashion-forward dress for a formal gown and matching suit. Your jeans and sweatshirt? Swap in a business casual look.

2.) Colors and patterns: Pick one neutral (black, beige/tan, white, navy blue, grey, denim, metallics) and two colors (blue/red, orange/blue, green/purple, pink/light blue, yellow/dark blue, cream/medium blue). Make sure each person has the neutral color on, and ONE each of the two colors. If one person has a bold print/pattern on, the other person should have either no print/pattern or a very simple complimentary one. Plaids are okay, but avoid strips at all costs.

3.) Be prepared with a second outfit to change into- one that is either more casual than your first, or more formal. The same color and pattern rules apply, but choose a different set of colors.

4.) Accessories are key. Choose jewelry, ties, suspenders, belts, scarves, and other accessories to compliment your clothes.

5.) Make sure you get your engagement ring cleaned a day or two before your session. This will help it to really sparkle in your portraits, and it's usually a free service provided by your jeweler.

6.) Ladies, if you can, get your hair and makeup done by a professional. I would highly recommend C. Johnson Makeup, Genica Lee Makeup Artist, Jewel Hair Design, or if you have your own trusted individual, please see them. Additionally, avoid facials and spray tans the week before your portrait session- if you feel the need to get one (or both) of these treatments, please schedule them 7-10 days in advance so that your skin has a chance to normalize before your portraits. Gentlemen, please get your hair cut a few days in advance, and ask your barber to trim your eyebrows and beard if necessary.

As part of my services to my couples, I'm always happy to help coach you through wardrobe choices, provide recommendations, or send reminders as needed. I want you guys to feel loved and cared for during this process so that your photos turn out beautifully and will be ones that you treasure for years to come. 

If you're struggling with this topic, what are some of your questions or challenges? Leave me a comment below!