Making Strides Against Breast Cancer- Rio Rancho, New Mexico

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At the end of October, I had the pleasure of photographing the American Cancer Society’s Making Strides Against Breast Cancer event in Rio Rancho, New Mexico. This event celebrates the culmination of a fundraising season, in which the participants have committed to raise a specific amount of money to be donated via the American Cancer Society to support breast cancer research and support for those undergoing treatment. 

While I’ve had the honor of photographing my local American Cancer Society’s events, this was a much larger, regional event. I was happily surprised at the number of people present on this particularly cold and very early October morning. But, it soon became clear that the people present hadn’t just made a commitment, but were also very passionate about the cause that they were supporting.  

One of my favorite moments of the entire event is always the recognition of the cancer survivors in attendance. These people have fought valiantly against a disease that we still know very little about. And, it also demonstrates that cancer does not discriminate. It attacks people of both genders, both races, all ages, ethnicities, religions, and characteristics. This recognition is a reminder that we are all at risk, and that the money being raised will help to benefit all of us.  

The walk itself is about 5 miles long for this particular event. There were people power walking, running, walking, and some simply moseyed along, but all strived to complete it. 

These fundraising events always touch my heart in so many profound ways. To see so many people coming together to not only support a cause, but to support one another is always heartening. It is revitalizing- to me at least- to witness the compassion of such a large group of people in such a positive moment in time.