My Three Sons- An update

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I've occasionally posted about my boys on this blog, but it's been quite a while since I've given y'all an update on them. So much has changed in the last few months alone! It's a crazy ride, raising these three boys that I've been blessed with, but I wouldn't have them, or this life any different.

Christopher is now 7 years old. Or, as he would be quick to point out, he's 7-and-a-half. He's in 2nd grade, and is absolutely loving it. He just finished the first grading period of the year, and (I'm taking a moment to Mombrag, please forgive me!) has great marks in school. More importantly, his teacher has described him as a great friend to the rest of the students in his class. Christopher is also a Wolf in Cub Scouts now, and recently completed a hike to the top of Tome Hill with the rest of his pack. He had a blast! I also can't seem to keep this kid in books. He may turn out to be a bigger serial reader than I am! Just to give you an idea, we recently hit the book fair at his school, and he walked out with 17 new books... But, I'd rather have him spend his time with his nose in a book than stuck to a screen.

Joshua is now 4 years old. He started Pre-K this year, with Ms. Krystle at Happy Tunes Preschool. I can't praise Krystle enough for the work she does with her students! Christopher was in her first class, so when it came time for Josh to start, it was a no brainer of where he'd go to school. Krystle has this amazingly gentle way of teaching her kids everything they need to know to be ready for Kindergarten, without them knowing they're even learning. And, she is so kind to boot! Anyway, Josh is loving school and doing great with it. I've seen him mature almost overnight from a little boy to a big boy. In so many ways, I wish I could keep him little, but he's ready to grow up just a bit more.

Andrew is 9 months old now, and is into EVERYTHING! But, that's what he's supposed to do, right? This little blessing loves to cuddle and laugh, and could be walking any day now if only he'd get up the courage to try. He absolutely adores his older brothers, and they him. He currently has 4 teeth, and is working to cut a few more. His hair is growing in a reddish-brown, and his eyes have decided that they want to be hazel, like his daddy and his grandpa. Andrew's personality is showing more and more every day, and if he keeps up, he'll be just as sweet and smart as Christopher and Joshua.

Life is something else with these boys of mine. It's interesting, adventurous, crazy, BUSY, sometimes hard, but always, always happy. I couldn't imagine life without them.