Michelle and Cory's Engagement Session- Bosque Farms, New Mexico

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As I sat down to write this blog post, I realized the serendipity of what I'm writing about and the day that I am writing it. You see, today is my sixth Wedding anniversary. I have been married to my best friend for six wonderful years. And, today I get to tell you about the Engagement Session I did for a really great set of friends, who also happen to be best friends. 

Michelle and Cory have been dating for the last several years, and just last summer got engaged. I could not have been happier to find out that they had decided to marry! 

In full disclosure, I've know Michelle almost as long as I've known Justin. We all went to Middle School, and then High School together. I've know Cory for only a short time in comparison, but he's already a great friend. 

Michelle just recently passed her licensing test to become a Massage Therapist- something she is amazing at!- and is setting out on her career. Cory is an Assistant Manager at Craig Independent Tire Company. 

For this session, Cory, Michelle, and I actually used two different sites. We visited the Rio Grande River Bosque first. I love using the river bosque throughout the Spring, Summer, and Fall. The cottonwood trees are huge, and provide for a lot of options. 

We had a blast walking through the bosque, using fallen trees and overhanging branches as part of the photos. 

I particularly love this one, because it shows how much these two really do love each other. 

We then moved on to our second location- a set of abandoned railroad tracks that I came across some time ago.

We made it there just before Golden Hour struck. Golden Hour is the half hour before and after sunset- you know, the time when all the sunlight makes everything look and feel magical. After waiting a bit, the magic happened. We were blessed with a beautiful New Mexican sunset that seemed ordered for our purpose.

I have to say, these are some of my favorite photos!

Before long, though the light began to fade and it was time to go. It was an absolute blast working with Cory and Michelle during their Engagement session, and I want to wish them the best of luck in planning their wedding, and in their future together. I couldn't be happier for you guys!