Kathey and Craig's Vow Renewal- Albuquerque, NM

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I had the pleasure of photographing Craig and Kathey's 25th Anniversary Vow Renewal at the end of May this year. These two have an amazing love story!

This day in age, divorce is more common than not, and these two have chosen to stick it out, work it out, and love one another through thick and thin. As I listened to their pastor speak about them, and share a bit about their love story, these two have come to lead individual lives that are focused on Jesus Christ, and work together to keep Him at the center of their relationship. It was truly beautiful to not only hear, but to see how much they love each other!

It's also clear to see how very much they are cherished by their friends and their family. We had the hardest time getting away to shoot a few portraits after the ceremony!

Kathey and Craig chose to honor one another with new wedding rings.

Because all weddings have cake, a vow renewal needs one equally as beautiful!

I want to wish Kathey and Craig another wonderful 25 years together!

Thank you to Lauren Maestas of Just Lovely Wedding and Event Planning for planning and coordinating this beautiful day, as well as taking care of all the flower arrangements, boutonnière, and bouquet! She can be reached at: http://www.justlovelyweddings.com.