The Smith Family- Bosque Farms, New Mexico

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Janice and Jay Smith invited me into their home for their family photo session just a few weeks before Christmas. This family has three young men, as well as an extensive extended family. While I was blessed to work with their extended family, I'll only be writing about Jay, Janice, and their three boys.

Jay, Janice, and I have been acquaintances for a while. Jay and Janice have been involved in Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts for a number of years, and at one point were in a troop with my brother and father. I was introduced to them through several events that involved both Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. It was wonderful working with them and getting to know them better through their family session!

As I said, Jay and Janice have three boys. Their older two are students at New Mexico Technical University, and the youngest is a Sophomore in High School.

Because the weather was bad, we had to move the majority of the session indoors. We were lucky enough that the wind slowed down and the weather cleared for a short time so that we could snap a few photos outside, though!

The two older boys have a special roommate down at Tech, and we even got her involved in the family photo session!

It was a blessing and a pleasure to work with the Smith family, and I look forward to seeing them again!