Behind the Scenes- Los Lunas, New Mexico

After I finish writing this blog post, I have to go do exactly what I'm writing about today: What I do behind the scenes to get ready for a shoot, and what I do when I get home- or 'back to the office'.

I begin preparing for a photo shoot long before it actually takes place. Some of the things I do to prepare involve interactions with my clients (you guys!), but most don't. When I get a new client, the first thing I do is send them information about how my studio works, who I am, and why I LOVE what I do. Many of you have probably gotten this info packet. Next comes setting a date, time, and location for our photo shoot and filling out the contract, and paying my deposit/retainer fee. At this point, my lovely clients are all set, but I'm not!

As the day approaches for your photo shoot, I try to stay in touch with you. I ask questions, answer your questions, and send you a reminder of your photo shoot the day before. I do this so that I can really get to know you, and you have a chance to get to know me better. I find that the more comfortable we all are with each other, the better your photos will be; the more genuine photos I can capture!

Depending on the time of your shoot, I might begin getting my gear ready the night before, or the morning of. This process involves making sure my camera batteries are charged and packed, my SD Cards are empty and ready to record new memories, my lenses are clean and packed, and my camera body is packed in my bag. I also check my speedlights and their batteries, and make sure their packed, and with them I also check my triggers and their batteries and pack them as well. I load all of this in my van with my lighting stands, umbrellas, backdrop stand, backdrops, and any props I may be bringing. I might also bring my film camera, and that means checking all of that gear too!

Once all of my gear is loaded, I wait for the time to leave, making sure to arrive a few minutes early so that I can set up and great you! This is when the magic begins. We settle in to our photo shoot. I begin a conversation with you, and we work through different poses and shots while we talk- having a great time the entire time. As time winds down, I answer any questions you may have, and we say good-bye and leave- me to go home, and you to have an awesome rest of your day.

Before I leave, I make sure to take my SD Card out of my camera and put it into my SD Card Wallet (fancy name, right?!), and put that into my purse or pocket. I do this to keep your memories safe in case I stop somewhere on my way home. By doing this, if my car gets broken into, while I'm in a store, your memories don't get stolen because they're with me! I also do this in case I get separated from my camera bag at a wedding or event.

Once I get home, I immediately begin to upload your photos to my computer and back them up so that I have two copies. Then I begin to cull (fancy term for getting rid of the duds) and edit your photos, turning them into true pieces of art. This usually takes about a week if it's not my busy season, but can take up to six weeks. I know, I know. You're really anxious to see your photos! That's why I post a few sneak peeks on my Facebook Business Page a day or two later, if you've signed the Model Release.

Once your photos have been edited, I upload them to my private online gallery system, and send them to you! Then we get to start working on your print order! But, that's a story for another blog post.

I hope you've enjoyed reading all about what I do to serve you behind the scenes! If you have any questions, feel free to let me know. I'd love to hear from you!