The Year in Review

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When I first started my business six months ago (Wow! How did it go by so fast?!), one of my goals was to infuse as much of myself into my business as possible. I believe that when you hire a photographer, you don't just hire them for their skills behind the camera and computer, but for who they are. Your personalities have to mesh to have the best experience possible, so that you get the best photos possible. We've all been around that person that makes us uncomfortable, even anxious. You don't want that when you hire a photographer, because then you'll be stiff and fake-looking in your photos instead of letting your beautiful self (and you're all beautiful to me!) shine through. 

So, the question becomes, 'How do I let you know more about who I am,' so that you can decide if I'm the photographer you want to hire? Easy. I tell you right here on my blog. I thought I'd start with something apropos to the time of the year: What I've managed to do this year.

I started off the year pretty slow, literally. I was walking a LOT. My goal was to run the Run for the Zoo 5K Fun Run/Walk. I was really out of shape. I couldn't even run for 60 straight seconds! But... I worked at it. And worked at it. And worked at it some more. Before I could even believe it, I was running for 30 straight minutes. Which then turned into 45, and then 50- my actual 5K time. I was- and still do- run slower than Internet Explorer on a 90's dial-up connection, but I can do it. I ran two offical 5Ks this year: Girls on the Run, and the Run for the Zoo. I lived to tell the tale, which was my original goal. Go me!

Along with this new running thing, I managed to lose 30 pounds. On top of the 20 I lost at the end of 2013. Again, go me! 

I have managed to raise two precious boys. Two birthday parties. The end of one school year, and the beginning of another. Growth spurts, teething, breastfeeding, nightmares, doctor visits, dental check-ups, and eye exams. Teaching kindness, compassion, gratitude, cooking, laundry, math, reading, science, history, and music. Go boys!

I entered some of my photographs in the New Mexico State Fair- another goal of mine. I didn't place, but with all of the entries, I felt blessed to have both of mine displayed!

I attended the Girl Scout National Convention in Salt Lake City (yes, photos are coming!). I redefined what the terms 'leadership' and 'failure' mean to me. I gained new role models (Bonnie St.Cloud, and Alison Levine). I met new people. I brought a great deal of this back to apply in my own troop, teaching my girls these things, and living them in my business and personal life.

Most importantly, though, I started my business. I've learned a great deal more than I could ever possibly share in one blog post. I've met many AMAZING people. I've made new friends. I've found a career. I've rediscovered a passion. I've been truly blessed. 

And so, I would like to thank Heavenly Father and all of you for giving me one of the best years I can remember. You have helped make this possible. You have allowed me to be part of your life, even for a moment. I truly appreciate you. And, I look forward to seeing ALL of YOU in 2015!