Why I Love Photography

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It occurred to me this last week that I never explained why I love photography- and that I should probably share that with you.

I love photography for several reasons: it gives me a creative outlet, it provides me with challenges, its personally satisfying, and most importantly- for me anyway- it allows me to capture a single moment in time and preserve it forever. 

Take the photo of my eldest son above for example. He was waving an American flag at our town’s 4th of July parade. It was probably the first parade he has a shot at remembering. He was playing with that flag- an innocent thing for a young child to do. I happened to turn around and take this photo at a moment that he was so engrossed in what he was doing, he wasn’t paying attention to me. He may, or may not remember this (he’s only four) experience later in his life, but because I captured this photo of a single precious moment, our family will have this record for not only the rest of my life, but his, and his children and grandchildren. He’ll be able to show his grandchildren a glimpse of what a smallish town 4th of July parade was like when he was a little boy. 

And that, my friends, is why I love photography the most. Because I can preserve a single moment for the rest of time. Because I can help others preserve their memories for eternity. Because I can share the beautiful heritage of family portraits that I’ve been blessed with, with my clients.