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I am so excited to be starting my photography business. I never thought that I would end up here. Owning a business is always one of those things that a lot of people dream of when they’re young, but only a select few actually make it happen. I have to admit, I dreamed about owning my own business- for about half a second. I never thought that it was something that I’d actually want, or be able to do. But, here I am!

Anyway, since I’m just starting out, there are about 1000 new things to learn. Like the fact that New Mexico doesn’t actually have a sales tax. We have gross receipts taxes- which is basically the same thing. It’s also surprisingly easy to get a sole proprietorship set up in New Mexico. All you need is a tax ID number from the state and a business license application for either your county or your municipality. 

That’s only the beginning. Anyway, I hope you’ll stick with me while I figure all this out. I promise I’ll try not to mess up too badly!