Los Lunas, NM Relay for Life- An Interview with Karin Trujillo

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I've had the pleasure of being the Los Lunas Area Relay for Life event photographer for the past couple of years, and every year I look forward to this incredible event. One of the many reasons that I became involved with this organization was because of the many people in my life who've had cancer. I've had several relatives pass away because of cancer, and I've been lucky enough to have several friends who've beaten it. Using my talents to give back to this organization is my way of honoring the people in my life who've come up against this horrid disease. 

A while back, I had the pleasure of conducting a short interview with Mrs. Karin Trujillo- one of the powerhouses behind the Los Lunas chapter's success. This is the result of that interview. 

1.) How did you get involved in Relay for Life?

Karin: I got involved through my parents who started the Relay in Socorro in 1997 or 1998.  Kassie attended her first Relay at age 4 in 1999.  She is now 21.

2.) What does it mean to you to be involved?

Karin: First, I think everyone should have a cause that they are passionate about.  Mine just happens to be the American Cancer Society.  Volunteering feeds my soul and I've been touched too often by the dreaded "c" word.  I want to rid the world of cancer so no one else has to hear the dreaded words "You have cancer."

3.) What is your favorite part about Relay for Life?

Karin: I love the event itself.  It is so good to see Valencia County residents bonding at a family friendly activity where WE can make a difference in the lives of cancer patients in Valencia County, in NM, and in the US.

4.) What do you wish other people knew about Relay? How have you seen Relay for Life affect change, and what changes have you seen?

Karin: I've seen awareness come to many people through Relay For Life.  The American Cancer Society has missions that some people still don't know about.  There are many programs available for caregivers and patients fighting cancer that are FREE.  Relay For Life offers education and support for caregivers and survivors.

5.) What do you hope to see in the future with regard to Relay?

Karin: Los Lunas has been doing Relay for 11 years.  I want all Valencia County residents to know that the third weekend in June is Relay so they can come celebrate, remember, and fight back against cancer. 

6.) Why should others get involved, and how can they get involved?

Karin: Like I said earlier, everyone SHOULD have a cause that they feel passionate about.  Cancer does not discriminate and therefore there are very few people left who have not been touched by some type of cancer.  Our goal is to rid the world of cancer and put the American Cancer Society out of business.  The more people  who are involved in raising money for research and programs, the sooner this can be accomplished.  Anyone can get involved by contacting one of the local volunteers or calling 1-800-227-2345