An In-Home Session in Peralta, NM- Harry and Maryanne McCormick

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One of the many joys that I have in my job is getting to meet some really incredible people and learn their stories. That was the case that brought me to the home of Harry and Maryanne McCormick, but first a bit of backstory. 

About two weeks ago, a very nice young woman by the name of Kara called me all in a fluster looking for a photographer with Christian values who would be willing to come to her aunt and uncle's house. Somehow, Kara came across my website and gave me a call. She explained that she wanted to purchase a photo session for her aunt and uncle, who have been more like parents and grandparents to her than anything else, especially since the passing of her own immediate family. She explained that her uncle had recently had some health issues, and she wanted her aunt and uncle to have a few more professional photos before his health really begins to decline. Of course, I agreed!

I was able to schedule Harry and Maryanne's photo session earlier this month, and when I arrived, I wasn't aware of the treat I was in for! Harry and Maryanne welcomed me into their home with an abundance of warmth and kindness. I was soon introduced to their four-legged fur babies, as well as Kara's fur baby who was there for the day.

While we were able to capture a few posed shots, due to Harry's recent health issues, his mobility isn't as good as it once was, so I focused more on documenting them and their dogs as we interacted.  

I asked them about their children (they have three), and their grandkids, and great-grandkids, all of which they are incredibly proud of. I also learned about their family pets throughout the years, and how they've held special places in their hearts.  

I learned that it was a job offer for Harry to work for Sandra Labs that brought this family out here from Ohio. He is now retired from there. I was able to share how my own grandfather worked for a company that contracted with Sandia, and Harry was glad of the reminder. Maryanne worked for Honeywell, and is now retired from there.  

I learned that Harry and Maryanne have been married for 57 years, and thought of my own examples of this life-long commitment and how much my own marriage means to me. 

And, I was reminded of the Lord's love and guiding hand in all of this- how He had helped Maryanne and Harry, and how He will help me. 

It was an honor and a pleasure to work with Harry and Maryanne, and by the time I left them, I felt as if I were now part of their family. I want to wish them, Kara, and their entire family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!