Los Lunas, NM Wedding Vendor Styled Photo Shoot

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A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to have the privilege of working with some of the best wedding vendors that can be found in Los Lunas. These amazing small businesses are not only talented, creative, and hard-working, but are also kind and generous. I would like to say thank-you to each of them for their time and their talents to make this photo shoot happen!

Location: The Luna Mansion Restaurant- As many people from Los Lunas know, this gorgeous Victorian Mansion was one of the first buildings to establish our small town. Originally owned by the Luna Family, and paid for as a gift by the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad for the family's donation of land to the railroad, this restaurant is now the epitome of fine dining in our small town, and gladly hosts events such as wedding receptions.

Models: Kaylie and Brandon Middleton- In full disclosure, I've known Kaylie and Brandon for a number of years (we were all in the LLHS Tiger Band together), but they are one of the kindest and most gracious couples I know! It was awesome to get to work with them on this photo shoot!

Attire: The attire was provided by Kaylie and Brandon. Kaylie actually hand-sewed her wedding dress! Please be sure to check out the detail shots of her gorgeous dress! Brandon found his period-appropriate suit at a local thrift store.

Hair and Make-up: Kaylie's hair was styled by Ms. Joni Turnbow of Eileen's Galleria Salon and Spa. Kaylie did her own make-up

Cake: Manny's Fine Pastries- This local bakery is a well-kept secret here in Los Lunas. They quietly provide a number of local restaurants with donuts and other baked goods, so many of us have had their goodies without even knowing it! But, I have to say, Mari- their cake decorator- is not only talented, but also entirely kind and generous. This local gem is open six days a week, and is a great place to stop for a quick treat, or for your next event!

Stationary: SarahStella Photography and Design- I cannot say too many positive things about working with Sarah. When I first approached her with the idea for this shoot, I sent her a link to my very small Pinterest Inspiration Board. She took my few pins and turned them into not only 1, but 2 gorgeous designs! I couldn't decide between them both, so I ended up photographing both sets! Sarah is also a joy to work with.

Jewelry: Mariposa Treasures- In full disclosure (again), I've known Katrina Jameson for a number of years through Girl Scouts, and though she isn't located in Los Lunas- or even New Mexico- she is an amazing jewelry designer and crafter who deserves much more recognition for her work than she's getting. As with Sarah, I sent Katrina a link to my Pinterest Inspiration Board, and she took the few ideas I had and created a gorgeous set of jewelry for this photo shoot. Katrina is also an all-around awesome person!