What I Carry in My Emergency Supply Bag- Los Lunas, NM Photographer

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Weddings are wonderful, happy, exciting times, but because of this, things tend to happen. Oftentimes, if a couple doesn't have a wedding planner or coordinator, I end up functioning as both the photographer, and the coordinator. That means that a lot of the small issues that arise throughout the day fall to me to take care of. Because of this, I carry an emergency supply bag that is full of all sorts of items wedding parties tend to need, but often forget the day of the wedding. Here's what's in my bag:

  • Bandaids- you never know when you're going to get a nick or a paper cut

  • Shaving Cream- many times the bride or the groom plans to shave right before getting ready, but they forget this item

  • Disposable Razors- See above

  • Static Guard- It's never fun when your wedding dress or tux wants to cling to you

  • Hairspray- You can never have too much of this

  • Insect Repellant- Mosquitos are never fun

  • Facial Tissues (aka Kleenex)- We all shed happy tears at weddings!

  • Clear Eyes- We don't want red eyes in the beautiful wedding photos I'm taking

  • Deodorant- Another often misplaced or forgotten item

  • Hand Lotion- Someone always has dry hands

  • Hand Sanitizer- Oftentimes, you can't wash your hands at an outdoors wedding

  • Clear Nail Polish- To fix runs in pantyhose

  • Tide-to-Go Pen- for those small spills on clothing

  • Lip Balm- No one likes cracked or dry lips

  • Feminine Hygiene Products- 'nough said, right ladies?

  • Tylenol- For those stress (and hangover) headaches

  • Lint Roller- To keep those tux jackets looking their best

  • Safety Pins- Hems rip, buttons mysteriously disappear, and zippers suddenly break

  • Wet Wipes- These are great for cleaning assorted messes

  • Nail Clippers- We all get hangnails at the worst times.

  • Listerine Breath Strips- Someone will have forgotten to brush their teeth

  • Batteries- This is a second back-up set for my gear, and anyone else who may need them

  • Lighter- Dead useful for stray threads and eye liner

  • Facial Blotting Tissues- No one wants an oily face during their special day!

  • Molefoam- This wonderful product helps cushion blisters from those uncomfortable wedding shoes

  • Hand Mirror- To use for last minute hair and makeup checks

  • Pearl Jewelry- Just in case someone forgets theirs, I have a set to borrow

  • Bobby Pins- These help to secure hairstyles

  • Sewing Kit- Sometimes safety pins can't fix it all!

  • Blue Ribbon- Just in case the bride forgot her something blue, I've got something to borrow

I also keep a much larger first aid kit that has enough supplies to fix anything from a minor cut to stabilizing sprains, strains, and broken limbs. What can I say? Once a Girl Scout, always a Girl Scout. 

I provide these supplies as a courtesy to all of my wedding clients and their wedding parties and families. I want y'all to know that I've got your back on your special day. I'm not only there to take fantastic photos, but to help take care of you. I want you to be able to enjoy your day, and know that all the minor bumps in the road will be overcome.