Road Trip to Denver

The last full weekend in July, Justin, the kiddos, and I hit the road with Justin's family for a weekend in Denver. We hit Hammond's Candy Factory, and the American Girl Store, but the main attraction was a full day at Water World- a water amusement park in Denver.

While I don't have any photos of the candy factory (I forgot my camera in the car), or the water park (I didn't want to ruin my gear), I did get some pretty awesome shots of downtown Denver!

The Hard Rock Cafe at the downtown Denver mall.

My beautiful niece sitting on a set of stairs up to the second floor of the mall.

The Colorado Capitol Building in downtown Denver.

My family crossing the street, headed back to the car after our walk around downtown Denver.

This advertisement was on the side of the downtown Denver mall, but combined with the streetlights and the parking lot, I thought it was a pretty cool view.