New Mexico Event and Wedding Planning's Bridal Showcase

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In my business, I focus on serving families and weddings, and as a wedding photographer, part of advertising is participating as a vendor in bridal expos. This past August was my first bridal expo ever (confession: I never even attended one as a bride-to-be), and I learned a LOT! Following is a list of things that I learned:

1.) Nothing can truly prepare you to be a part of an event like this- not even reading about them.
2.) There probably won't be anyone directing you on where to find anything.
3.) You've got to speak up and hold your ground. Don't let the other more established vendors intimidate you.
4.) Following up with #3, get to know the other vendors! They're people too, and you'll probably be working with them at some point.
5.) Bring a few extra people to help you, whether it be to carry things, man the booth, or as moral support. 
6.) Make sure you know your stuff! If you're constantly looking up your info, it doesn't look professional.
7.) Be sure to follow up with any leads as soon as possible.
8.) Have fun! People are naturally attracted to those who are having fun!

It was definitely a learning experience, and I hope that when I participate in Super Bride Sunday on February 7th, I'll be able to put all of this to good use. I hope to see you there!