Nicole Bradshaw Photography was officially launched on June 6th, 2014, but in all actuality, the story of my business began long before then. This is the story of my photography journey.

I've always loved photography. Capturing a beautiful image is something that I can remember striving to do from a very early age- my mom gave me my very first camera at age 5. It was one of those 110 film numbers- remember those? She tells me she still has it stashed somewhere. I must have gone through hundreds of roles of film that she patiently had developed for me. 

As I grew older I progressed to an automatic-advancing 35mm film camera. I remember an instance at the Albuquerque Zoo where I was trying to change film in front of the Raptor Roost because I was trying to take the perfect shot of the Bald Eagles. It was always a surprise to get those roles of film back from Walgreens to see how well I'd done.

When I was in eighth grade, Kodak came out with their Advantix line of cameras. I was drooling over them for months before I used my 8th grade graduation money to buy one. I thought that camera was the neatest thing because it could take panoramic photos! I remember taking that particular camera with me to Grand Teton National Park on a road trip with my grandparents, and being completely awed and simultaneously disappointed because I wanted to capture the 'perfect' photo of those mountains and didn't know how.

The first digital camera my family invested in was a Hewlett Packard. I think it had like 2 megapixels. I was eighteen at the time, and I convinced my parents to let me take it with me to camp (I'd gotten a job as a lifeguard at a Girl Scout camp in Minnesota). I had a blast trying to figure out how to get the best photos possible! That is, until I bought my very own digital camera, and then I spent the rest of that summer learning to use mine instead.

I got pretty good at using that digital camera (or at least I thought I did), until I lost it in a canoeing accident in 2007 (that's a story for another time). My mom kindly purchased me another digital camera and sent it to me at camp (I was working at a different camp). I was grateful for her gift, but man that digital camera and I did NOT get along. So much so that I basically stopped taking photos after that summer.

But, in 2014- seven years later- I saved up the money and bought the digital camera of my (then) dreams. And, that's when the magic began to happen. I learned how to use my new camera, and began to practice a lot. I bought and read books, watched courses online, and practiced some more. Slowly, I began to be able to consistently take the kind of photos that I wanted to be able to take. And before I knew it, I'd gained a business to go along with my camera. 

The last three years of business have been incredible. I've learned a ton and gained new skills left and right. I've been blessed to meet wonderful people- both photographers and clients- and, take part in some amazing events. And, I can't wait to see where my camera and I get to go next!